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AVIO: European space enters the exchange

The leading Italian company in the production of rocket engines and space exploration AVIO went to the stock exchange to raise funds in order to expand its activities.

11.Apr.17 4:35 AM
By Christina Orlina


AVIO: European space enters the exchange
On Monday, at the close of trading the value of the shares of AVIO increased by 6.6%. The company AVIO is called as the European response to the American aerospace company SpaceX. The annual profit of AVIO is 280 million euros, the volume of orders reaches almost billion euros.

CEO of AVIO Giulio Ranch said: “Life on the Land increasingly depends on the services coming from space. All use mobile phones, navigators, in the morning check the weather by the photos taken by satellite. And this is only a small part of what we will see in the near future. After two or three years we will receive the Internet signal from outer space. We won't use wireless Internet and other traditional technologies. We will have signal covering the whole world, we will have access to the Internet in the middle of deserts and oceans. Image quality and speed of data transmission from space will also increase. This will allow us to more objectively monitor the development of our planet.”

Company AVIO, in particular, is implementing a project to create a lightweight rocket VEGA, a joint development between European and Italian space agencies.

According to the studies of the organization of the Leoni Corporate Advisors, in the next four years about 2600 satellites will be launched into space — two times more than from 2010 to 2015.

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