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Autos won’t be evacuated in Presence of the Driver

Such law has already been introduced for considering.

23.Dec.14 8:55 AM
By Abigail Richards


Autos won’t be evacuated in Presence of the Driver
Decision concerning evacuation of auto in presence of its owner will be made on the federal level. The following changes in already existing law will be made by the Deputies of State Duma in the nearest future if the law will be accepted.

Document which contains main points and changes has been already approved and recommended by Constitutional Committee of the State Duma. It is supposed to be accepted in the first reading. The main idea of new law is the fact that the car is no longer arrested by the traffic police if the reason of violation has been terminated before evacuator started its movement. At the same time illegal limitation of drivers’ rights by the officials will result in huge fines up to 20 thousand rubles.

In other words a driver is able to take his car before it was evacuated. The main thing is to terminate the reason of parking violations. The author of this project says that there are numerous abuses in different Russian regions. Some cars are simple stolen even if they are parked in proper places which are allowed by traffic rules. New law will determine exact terms and conditions when the car can be evacuated and or driver must be fined. Moreover the car can be evacuated only with full set of necessary documents, and “NO parking” road sign should be placed at least for a month.

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