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Auto Sales in Russia are Decreasing Rapidly

The level of sales have become 1/3 lower during 2015.

11.Mar.15 4:04 PM
By Nataliya Klyachina


Auto Sales in Russia are Decreasing Rapidly
Experts have already shared their opinion about the fact that auto sales will decrease in Russia. This fact results in tough economic situation in the country which influences automotive industry and level of sales in a great way. That is why there is nothing surprising that dealers report about rapid decrease in sales of autos and small trucks starting from the beginning of 2015.

According to the official statistics in February the level of sales has decreased by 37.9% in comparison with the same period in 2014.  The overall decrease including January and February 2015 is 32.1%. On the other hand some experts believe that such situation is not for long. They expect rehabilitation of auto market in the nearest future. The situation will become better if ruble exchange rate will become stable. However it can turn out to be rather long and complicated process.

The most unusual thing is that luxury sedans’ sales have increased in comparison with autos of other classes. For instance, Mercedes and Lexus models’ sales have increased by 18% and 11% respectively. Level of Lada models’ sales has decreased by 23%. This is due to unstable financial conditions of purchasers in this segment. Volkswagen, Ford and Opel have also felt influence of tough economic situation in Russia. Major German brands also offer cars for middle class. However, their sales decreased by 49%, 78% and 86% respectively.

Dealers are fighting for every customer offering new efficient means that aimed on handling with crisis. They also implement so called “trade-in” utilization program. Unfortunately such measures do not prevent from reduction of Russian automotive market by 10.3%.Experts say that reduction level will be up to 23% in 2015.

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