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Australia is increasingly attracting the organizers of the ICO

Chinese startups are coming here because of problems in their own country.

01.Feb.18 3:28 AM
By Mark Gainer


Australia is increasingly attracting the organizers of the ICO
Australia is becoming one of the most convenient countries for ICO technology start-ups, writes the online edition of Bits Media. The reason is that the local authorities are positive about the primary location of the tokens, although they tend to regulate them to some extent. Australia is primarily attracted to startups from China after last year's ban of the authorities of the People's Republic of China to conduct ICO. So, the Chinese startup InvestDigital, which wants to launch a commercial platform for managing crypto-currency assets, recently raised $ 23 million through ICO in Australia with the help of large companies and private investors.

As the adviser of InvestDigital placement Bill Fuggle noted, the position of the Australian authorities on crypto-currency issues does not differ significantly from other developed countries, but the country's regulators are well acquainted with the topic and, apparently, understand this sector better. The expert believes that the most attractive for ICO will be those states where governments pay more attention to the crypto-currency market. The most challenging task for the authorities is to create a regulation that will simultaneously favor ICO, bring benefits to the country's economy and protect investors from scammers.

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