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At an auction in China were presented items Marilyn Monroe

Prerelease already opened.

02.Nov.16 4:11 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Screenshot Yandex. Pictures


At an auction in China were presented items Marilyn Monroe
At an auction in China were presented items Marilyn Monroe. While they were presented at a closed auction. Sale of personal things Marlin Monroe last century will begin in a few days. will be transported to Los Angeles from China all the auction items.

Do fans of the famous blonde will be able to buy Monroe's personal items - makeup, shoes, Marilyn Monroe posters, bags, dresses and more. Auction organizers say that the most expensive lot in the auction - decorations and dress of the famous film "Some Like It Hot." Among the most expensive lots include two strands of hair actress. Their cost of six to eight thousand dollars.

Some things blondes will be presented for the first time. Previously, they had not seen, they have not been presented to the public. For example, correspondence with Marilyn Monroe Kennedy family. The existence of these letters have been known for a long time.

In total at an auction in Los Angeles it will be presented in 1200 lots. Many experts believe that most of the items will be bought. On prerelease collectors were active and expressed a willingness to purchase personal items Stars.

Most of the personal belongings of the famous blonde is the famous collector David Gainsborough Roberts.

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