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Asteroid May Hit the Earth in 2017

Scientists forecast more serious consequences in comparison with fall of Chelyabinsk meteorite.

15.Apr.15 12:13 PM
By Irina Suvorova


Asteroid May Hit the Earth in 2017
The Mirror has officially published information about the fact that huge asteroid is moving fast towards the Earth and is supposed to collide with the planet in 2017.

This information was provided by famous scientists Judith Rise who works in University of Texas. She thinks that cosmic object will hit our planet on October 12 2017.

There is now exact information about sizes and dimensions of asteroid which threatens the Earth. However, scientist used the level of its brightness in order to determine approximate sizes. They think that meteorite is about 40 meters in diameter which is equal to dimensions of the Statue of Liberty. For instance, Chelyabinsk meteorite was only 17 meters in diameter.

Considering this fact experts may say for sure that collisions of new asteroid called 2012 TC4 with Earth may lead to more destructive consequences in comparison with the fall of Chelyabinsk meteorite.

Asteroid was discovered three years ago in 2012when it passed on 94800kilometers distance away from our planet.
At the same time scientists canít say for sure that collision will take place. In addition they are not able to calculate the exact distance of the cosmic object towards our planet.

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