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Aselle Tasmagambetova opened Emergency Paediatric Surgery ward in Aktau

The president of Saby charity foundation underlines the importance of the modern medical aid

11.Jun.21 3:58 PM
By Abigail Richards


Aselle Tasmagambetova opened Emergency Paediatric Surgery ward in Aktau
The department of emergency paediatric surgery was opened on the basis of the children's regional hospital at the expense of Kazakhstanis who donated money to Aselle Tasmagambetova's Saby Foundation. Aktau became the third city to have a modern paediatric surgery opened by Saby.

The charity project "Emergency Paediatric Surgery" was launched by the Saby Foundation in 2018. In addition to the construction of wards, the project involves conducting master classes for surgeons with foreign and Kazakh colleagues.

- Today, the department of Emergency Paediatric Surgery in Aktau, which is fully supplied with modern equipment, was opened. In my opinion, one of the criteria for assessing the quality of medical services is the availability of well-established and effective medical care. Emergency surgery is the core of this system, as timely and high-quality medical care ensures the safety and life of our young patients. These projects are especially relevant, where only one hospital serves not only the city, but also the population of nearby villages and the load on this hospital is large, and especially if it does not have the most modern medical equipment, - said Aselle Tasmagambetova, the founder of the Saby Foundation.

The next department of emergency paediatric surgery will be opened in Petropavlovsk.

Back in January, Kazakh blogger Alisher Elikbayev, announced a fundraiser for the Aktau Department of Emergency Paediatric Surgery. A little earlier, it was conducted by blogger and presenter Beibit Alibekov. The amount of the donations collected was 9 million tenge.

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