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“Arsenal” Center of Modern Art will be reconstructed be the End of 2014

Local authorities decided to boost the process of reconstruction.

10.Nov.14 1:33 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


“Arsenal” Center of Modern Art will be reconstructed be the End of 2014
Nizhny Novgorod local authorities decided to boost the reconstruction process of Arsenal Center of Modern Art. Such decision was made on their last meeting. The information has been officially provided by the Russian Ministry of Culture media office.

In accordance with available information specialists paid attention to high quality reconstruction works which have already been made. This is a unique monument of architecture with unusual construction. However they shared their opinion that there are not enough resources and workers in order to complete all necessary works as per schedule. This can result in delaying of commissioning the building.

At the same time the Head of Russian regional Restoration Service Vladimir Molokanov reported that all necessary works will be completed as per schedule. Such statement has been made in the beginning of July 2014. But it seems like such boost is necessary in order to complete all tasks and start finishing works on time.

This building has a very rich history. It was constructed by the order of Nicholas the First in the period of 1837-1843. It used to be a warehouse for ammunition and armory of troops which were located in Nizhny Novgorod. In 2003 the building was used by State Center of Modern Art. The first reconstruction stage of 1/3 of the building has been completed in 2011.

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