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Ariana Grande and her path to success

The actress and singer has earned the popularity of difficulty.

03.Nov.16 3:48 AM
By Anna Nekrasova
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Ariana Grande and her path to success
Today, the idol of millions of teenagers is an American singer and actress Ariana Grande. 23-year-old star was born in Florida in 1993. Girl at an early age stood out interesting appearance and voice of rare timbre. Therefore native Ariana done everything possible for the realization of her talent.

Serve the local musical theater, she began very early. She reprized the role in musicals and sang accompanied by a symphony orchestra. As early as 8 years old Ariana Grande first came on TV and sang the US national anthem. Now the singer around the world has a lot of fans of his work. Today, her fans can buy Ariana Grande posters on

His success she has achieved great difficulty. She constantly improved vocals and even studied with high quality teacher Eric Vetro from Hollywood. It was he who at the time foretold her starry future. Then the older brother Ariana became her producer. Career sister he worked very actively.

Ariana Grande participated in many auditions and in 2008 got her first role in the Broadway musical "13". During her debutante awarded theater prize. But in the future to develop a career in this field it has been difficult because of the study.

Also, the young actress has always dreamed of becoming a singer. In 2013, she released her debut album. His success proved rewarding American Music Awards Award.

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