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Argentina Wants to Increase Products Supplies on Russian Market

Country produces 10 times more products than necessary for its population.

23.Apr.15 12:11 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Argentina Wants to Increase Products Supplies on Russian Market
Argentine offered Russia to increase the level of product supplies for Russian consumers. The country is now producing enough products to feed 400 million people considering the fact that population of Argentina is 10 times lower.

President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner is now in Moscow with the official visit accompanied by ministers including Carlos Casamiquela who is the Minister of Agriculture. The main aim of their visit is to discuss future perspectives of economic development and cooperation between two countries.

According to Argentinian Minister of Agriculture producers of agricultural products are using modern innovative equipment and keep expanding cultivating areas. It results in bigger crops of cereals. At the same time fishing industry is also developing vastly along with dairy production. Major part of Argentinian products is exported to foreign countries. At the same time Russia is one of the main strategic partners for the country. That is why increase of product supplies is primary interest at this point.

The Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert stated that Argentine is largest importing country in Latin America after Brazil. Supplies of Argentinian cheese and seafood have increased by 3 times over the last several years.

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