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Arctic Research Center will be created in Russia

This project was approved by Russian Scientific Academy.

21.Nov.14 1:19 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Arctic Research Center will be created in Russia
Arctic Research Center can be created in Russia in the nearest future. This project has already been approved by Russian Scientific Academy and Federal Organization of Scientific Research. The information was provided by “Interfax”. The authors of this project are representatives of Archangelsk government.

The Governor of the region said that Arctic is of great interest for scientific world. It is reach with different natural resources that is why it is essential to explore and research this region: :The approximate amount of total oil and gas supplies is estimated up to 90 billion barrels. At the same time there are more than 1 700 trillion of cubic pounds of natural gas supplies as well as 44 billion barrels of liquefied natural gas. The majority of these natural resources are concentrated in the Russian Part of Arctic. Moreover 22 two biggest deposits of natural resources are located near Archangelsk region in Barents and Red Seas”, - says the official.

Nikolay Laverov who is a member of Russian Scientific Academy also shared his opinion that all research and scientific works should be based on the main interests of the country. They include shipbuilding, oil and gas mining, space and geophysical researches. It has been announced that Russia offered Google to handle with researches of Antarctic floor.  

Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy offered company to examine conditions of any object that is located on the Antarctic floor with the help of equipment which is used for creating Google Maps.

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