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Arab countries require Qatar to return deposits

At the same time, the country is experiencing a currency deficit.

29.Jun.17 1:04 AM
By Catherine Brooke


Arab countries require Qatar to return deposits

Several Arab nations immediately demanded that Qatar returns bank deposits, which are placed in local credit organizations. Information on this was spread by the Arab media, referring to high-ranking sources.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on Wednesday, June 28, demanded that Qatar returns all short-term deposits, which were placed in banks of the country. According to published information, it is about deposits worth $ 16 billion.

At the same time, Qatar is currently experiencing obvious difficulties with the US currency. A few days ago, the banks of this country began to pursue a policy that could induce the local population and business to sell to banks available cash in US dollars. How Qatar responds to the demands of monarchies, is still unclear.

Recall that in early June, several countries in the Persian Gulf severed diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing the country of supporting terrorism and extremism, and also pointing out attempts to interfere in the domestic politics of these countries.

Several countries went further, closing the air and sea communication with Qatar, sending diplomats and banning banking operations between countries. It is interesting that Qatar rejects all accusations.

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