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Apple presents three Macs based on M1 ARM chip

Apple speaks of the most important Mac line update

11.Nov.20 7:49 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Apple


Apple presents three Macs based on M1 ARM chip
Apple has presented three computers that are equipped with the company's own M1 chip. The 13 inch MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro, with the same screen, become Apple's first laptops to have the self-designed chip. Also the Mac Mini, a desktop computer gets the new chip.

According to Apple, the new M1 chip is not only very fast, but also extremely economical. As a result, the laptops, according to the company, is not only more powerful, but they can also be extended with a fully-charged battery. Also, it no longer needs a fan to cool the chip. The fan is usually the most noisy part of a computer.

The graphics processor, which is needed for processing video and graphics in games, for example, is built in. However, according to Apple, it is very powerful. The tech company is talking about the biggest update ever for its Mac computer line. The exact speed index is not available.

Apple had announced the switch from Intel chips to its own ARM-based chips in June. It takes about two years for the company to stop selling computers with Intel chips.

The new chip uses a different system than the Intel chips. These are so-called ARM chips, which are also in many mobile devices such as Apple's iPhones and iPads. Not all software is therefore immediately suitable for the new computers, but the latest version of Apple's operating system MacOS runs on both types of chips. Apple also offers a way to make Mac software suitable for both systems and an emulator so that older software also works on the new Macs through a kind of translation program.

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