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Apple moves some of the iPhone production to India

Lockdowns and politics forced Apple to travel

26.Sep.22 8:02 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Bloomberg


Apple moves some of the iPhone production to India

Apple has moved some of its iPhone production from China to India. The US company has done so because the US has tightened its sanctions against China. The very strict lockdowns in China are also a reason for Apple to start producing in India.

The iPhone 14, the company's latest smartphone, is now also being produced in India. In recent times, Apple has been working with suppliers to increase production in Chennai, South India.

The main manufacturer of iPhones, the Taiwanese Foxconn Technology Group, has investigated how to ship iPhone parts from China. The Assembly of the Apple phones will then take place in India.

Due to US sanctions against China, intended to reduce the country's economic power, Apple began to look for alternatives. The lockdowns that have disrupted the Chinese economy also forced Apple to move some of its production capacity elsewhere.

Relations between China and the United States have been strained for a long time. Last year, the US Senate agreed to huge investments to limit China's economic power, especially in the technological field. Also, president Joe Biden added companies to the list of Chinese companies that Americans are no longer allowed to invest in.

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