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Apple filed a patent application for the use of Blockchain

Recently, Apple has introduced a new patent application that uses Blockchain in a prospective system to create and verify timestamps.

09.Dec.17 1:11 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Apple filed a patent application for the use of Blockchain

Based on the public application to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday where Blockchain was used to certify timestamps as a program in conjunction with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) tools.

Apple describes three possible methods for creating timestamps, one of these scenarios focused on a Blockchain platform. There is a usage issue in which data is stored, including binding a piece of information to a specific transaction on a Blockchain, establishing the state of that data at a certain point in time.

The program would generate a block containing a timestamp, with each successive block being added, as the miners inspect each transaction carried out in the chain. This system is part of what Apple calls a "multi-check architecture," which means that another system would check the timestamp after the block is created, but before it is added to the chain.

Like other established institutions, Apple believes in the power of Blockchain technology and its advantages.

According to the application, the use of a decentralized ledger for the storage of timestamps has two main advantages: it can stimulate time to maintain a constant and can have protected from corruption if one node is hacked by intruders.

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