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Apple cut ties with Pegatron

Apple pretends to care about working conditions

09.Nov.20 8:26 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Internet


Apple cut ties with Pegatron
Apple no longer gives new orders to the Taiwanese supplier Pegatron because of labour violations among students who worked for the company. The group behind the iPhone wants to clean up most of the Chinese production line.

A few weeks ago, Apple discovered that electronics manufacturer Pegatron had not properly registered students and had some working night shifts and overtime. The administration was also charged for that. That's against Apple's company regulations for suppliers. Apple doesn't want to give Pegatron any new orders until the company has taken action.

Pegatron is one of the companies Apple cooperates with to create the iPhone. The company mainly manufactures computer, communication and consumer electronics. Pegatron has long been under attack for working conditions. The company has fired the manager who oversaw the Student Program.

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