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Kenes Rakishev appointed as a member of Astana Opera Board of Trustees

Kenes Rakishev joins the cast of selected businessmen to support the art in Kazakhstan

Apple and Qualcomm settle lingering dispute

A six-year license contract has now been concluded.

18.Apr.19 5:40 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Qualcomm


Apple and Qualcomm settle lingering dispute
Apple and chip giant Qualcomm have settled their protracted fight over patents. In addition, the iPhone maker has promised to pay royalties to Qualcomm from now on. The many ongoing legal cases and disputes between the two groups are thus resolved in one fell swoop.

Qualcomm has long accused Apple of using its technology for iPhones without paying enough for it. Apple insisted for a long time that the chip giant abused its dominant position in the market by demanding high royalties. It was a tough battle, with Qualcomm even being able to temporarily ban the sale of certain iPhones in Germany.

A six-year license contract has now been concluded. There is also a one-off payment from Apple to Qualcomm. It is not clear exactly how much money is involved.

On the New York stock exchange, the Qualcomm share went up about 18 percent on Tuesday after the news came out. At Apple (plus 0.3 percent) there was less movement in the market value.

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