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App for Hitch-Hikers is Available in Russia

Travelers only need to insert all necessary requirements.

05.Mar.15 12:07 PM
By Abigail Richards


App for Hitch-Hikers is Available in Russia
Russians presented new application for hitch-hikers. This app is available for Android at the moment. This is a great took for people who do not like packaged tours and prefer spontaneous travellings. Everyone is able to find accommodation using this app at short notice. Travelers do not need to book a room in advance. It will make it easier to arrange their vacation.

Application is very easy to use. It is necessary to indicate price preferences, number of travelers and some other searching parameters. The app will offer several appropriate variants according to travelers requirements.

Another great advantage of this application is the fact that it was developed in cooperation with It means that it will be able to provide high quality service offering users lots of variants which meet their preferences and requirements.

At the same time application will show different places of interest and sightseeing which are located nearby. They will include cultural and historical places with opportunity to find accommodation not far from them.

As soon as user chooses the most appropriate variant, the app will guide him to the final destination with the help of GPS navigation system. In addition Booking Now will make it possible for travelers to contact support ream 24/7 and get acquainted with more than 40millioncomments on different places to stay.

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