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Anthony Hamilton tour in December 2016

Anthony Hamilton tour December 2016 year.

07.Dec.16 11:52 AM


Anthony Hamilton tour in December 2016
Listing Anthony Hamilton Tour

Legendary artist (R & B and sould hip-hop music) - Anthony Hamilton, will give two concerts in December 2016, December 30 in Atlanta and 31 December in Birmingham. If you are a fan of R & B or sould hip-hop, you must go to Anthony Hamilton concerts.

For those who are not familiar with the work of Anthony Hamilton, is to say that Anthony is the owner platinum album and has been nominated 10 times at the Grammy. In recent years, he has gives a lot of interesting concerts. In last 2 years, Anthony Hamilton has spent more than 70 concerts.

Anthony also famous for his songs in the movie Django Unchained. I'm sure many of you watched this movie and remember this great song that perfectly complement the film.

Listing Anthony Hamilton Tour Dec 30, 2016 (8pm) - Atlanta, (GA) - Fabulous Fox Theather Dec 31, 2016 (8pm) - Birmingham, (AL) - BJCC Concert Hall

Full list of artist's concerts can be viewed below. If you plan to go to his concerts, we recommend buying tickets in advance, for 1-2 weeks prior to the concert, as the tickets for the tour Anthony Hamilton, as a rule very quickly sold out. Buy tickets online at Anthony Hamilton Tour | concert, please visit - Anthony Hamilton Tour | concert or in the local box office.

Going to a good concert, can be charged with positive emotions for a long time, so you should not be neglected, such forms of entertainment. If you are planning to visit the tour Anthony Hamilton, do not forget to share your feelings in the comments below after attending a concert. As for the cost of tickets and other travel Datov Anthony Hamilton, you can look at the above mentioned website.

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