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Another Russian Bomber Crashed

Two crew members died.

15.Jul.15 3:23 PM
By Andrey Shulga


Another Russian Bomber Crashed
Another air crash took place on Tuesday in Khabarovsk region, Russia. Strategic bomber and rocket carrier TU-95 MS crashed. Two members of the crew died.

A tragic incident took place during training flight in the area of Litovka special polygon. It is located 60 km from Khabarovsk. The polygon was particularly constructed training flights when pilots practice bombing and hitting conditional targets with missiles.

The crew of TU-95 MS has reported about malfunctions of all four engines at 9:50 am. Both pilots received permission to catapult. All members of the crew managed to leave the falling plain.

The rescue team did not face any difficulties in finding the crew using special signals transmitted by radio beacon. Only five pilots managed to survive. Doctors evaluate their current health conditions as satisfying. However, two of them died. Experts say that their hit the ground at a very high speed due to entangled parachute lines.

Experts are examining all details of the air crash. According to preliminary information, engine malfunction resulted in technical problems in fuel system. Plane wreckages will are in good enough condition for the most thorough examination. All bombers of that type are not allowed taking off at the moment.

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