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Andy Android found the hidden miner

The virus was in the code of the emulator.

18.Jun.18 10:09 PM
By Jeff Bannister


Andy Android found the hidden miner
In the Andy Android emulator, an unknown virus miner was discovered. According to Insider, the virus program was found by users of the Reddit forum. The user with the TopWire nickname found the hidden file Updater.exe while testing the emulator and wrote about it on the forum.

The user group examined the data and found that the temperature of the GPU on computers with the Andy Android emulator for Windows without objective reasons is increasing, and the system is slower running. During the study, it turned out that the malicious code is in the emulator itself.

The emulator supports with an IP address that infects the system. In this case, the user TopWire noted that the developers of the emulator deleted all discussion files from the thematic group and tried to hide the problem. Because of this, the opinions of the participants in the crypto-community were divided.

Some believe that the hidden miner in the emulator is the work of the Andy Android team. Another group notes that the miner is built on the Install Core algorithm, which spontaneously infects computers and differs from the emulator code.

Computer security specialists regularly find hidden miners in the software. Most of these programs covertly extract a Monero coin.

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