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Analysts: the "index of fear and greed" in the cryptocurrency market reached extreme values

Anxiety intensifies, something goes wrong.

24.Jun.18 9:14 PM
By Abigail Richards


Analysts: the "index of fear and greed" in the cryptocurrency market reached extreme values
According to analysts, the "index of fear and greed" on the cryptocurrency market has reached extreme values. In particular, according to, the indicator of market sentiments of the service Fear & Greed Index is now indicative of a strong alarm. Cryptocurrency investors are very worried, most likely something is not right.

The experts of the publication pay attention to the fact that the analysis of graphs says that in the middle of February of this year and at the beginning of last month, cryptocurrency investors were not excited, their attitude was quite optimistic. But, in the current month began to increase panic moods and now they are at a fairly high level.

It was also said that now there is a fairly close correlation between the price of bitcoin and the indicators of the "index of fear and greed". According to experts, it has been repeatedly proven that the growth of the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market indicates "greed". At the same time, a decline in the price of cryptocurrency shows "fear" on the chart.

According to experts, now is not the time to buy cryptocurrency, because the indicator of "greed" speaks about the overheated market and the high probability of the correction.

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