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Analysts found out how much the investors who invested in ICO earn

Is it worth risking your money?

31.May.18 1:54 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Analysts found out how much the investors who invested in ICO earn
According to recent research, confidence in ICO is gradually falling: fraudsters who collect money from investors are to blame for this. Scammers organize the initial placement of coins, not intending to share with those who fund them. In addition, many start-ups attracting funds in this way are unprofitable, which is why people who believe in them, also remain at a loss.

However, the experts of the Carol School of Management of Boston College have calculated, the average investor can still count on a good profit. Experts analyzed more than four thousand ICO, which managed to attract a total of twelve billion dollars. Also in the study, they watched how the value of tokens changed over time.

As it was possible to find out, in the period between the end of the primary placement and the introduction of the token into the listings of crypto-instruments, the price of the token increased by 179%. Usually it took about sixteen days. Despite the fact that the tokens that were not included in the lists of crypto-currency sites turned out to be completely unprofitable for two months, the investor still received 82% of the profit.

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