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Analysts expect the Swiss economic development of Russia

Economic growth is associated with the market development, expansion of assortment, mastering of new spheres of activity.

01.Mar.17 11:00 PM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


Analysts expect the Swiss economic development of Russia
The representatives of "Lombard Odier" - the famous Swiss Bank of talk about the beginning of the economic growth in Russia, after two years of decline, expressed his opinion about the future of the Russian economy, bill Papadakis. Mr. Papadakis is an expert in matters of investment. According to experts, the economic recovery may be triggered by the direction of the business and strategy for the development of the manufacturing industry, to collaborate with new organizations.

Russia has a clear position for a quick recovery, experts say the Swiss banking sector. Russia is not burdened with debt, the country has no dependencies external financial support. The positive trend in economic indicators will be maintained, subject to stable prices of "black gold".

Experts say about several problems of the economy in the country, one of which is dependence on the mining industry. The potential growth of the economy depends on the development of the market, linked to the expansion of assortment, mastering of new types of production and cooperation with other organizations and countries.

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