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Altcoins price prediction and portfolio case study

With bitcoin seems to be at the very start of the new rally, what alts are a good mid-term choice?

18.Oct.21 2:13 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Altcoins price prediction and portfolio case study

The cost of bitcoin today is above $ 60,000, we are approaching ATH the highest price in the history of existence (64K+). While bitcoin is sinking up, nothing good should be expected from altcoins, nothing but finding good entry points! As soon as bitcoin breaks through ATH, it will restart a cycle, get a local stop and start correcting with further movement to the side. It is then that the dominance will begin to lean towards the alts, everyone will start pouring money from the leader to the altos and wild shootings on various coins will begin. This is all the altseason!

In this post, I want to consider and suggest some coins that are available.

Now let's talk about my altcoin portfolio, I want to say right away that I collected it back in early 2021. At the moment, we will talk about altcoin giants, you should not expect a growth by factors from them, but it's not so scary to buy them, because these are cool coins with technology behind them.

Ethereum (ETH) price prediction

The main top alt in my portfolio needs no introduction. If you don't have one, it's even difficult for me to advise a competent entry point for you. As for me, the most delicious price to buy is $ 1720 it is unlikely that you will be able to wait for it in the near future. We've met ATH, now we are working out a head and shoulders figure on it with a goal of $ 4600- $ 5000, then we can go into a super trend and get 2X from the coin by the end of the year.

XRP (Ripple) price prediction

Right now he is in a good zone for buying from $ 1 to $ 1.3, the one who managed to buy below is just a handsome man. I have never believed in XRP, but a very large number of people believe in it. After all the SEC proceedings, we can wait for the price to return to $ 2 and the ATH breakdown, in the future the price can easily rise to $2.5 - $ 3, which will give 3X from today's price.

Finance Coin (BNB) price prediction

I think many people have it in their briefcase. An important coin for everyone who trades on Finance. I don't expect anything special from it, I just have it. It may reach 2 to 3 times the current price.

I would like to buy this coin for $ 0.05. If not this year, then next year we will see a price of $0.3 for it. Which would essentially give 5 X. If we consider the purchase at the current price, then 2x will be the case.

ADA and DOT price prediction

I also have these coins in my portfolio, but I don't see any point in considering them, it's too expensive to buy now, the coins are already being selected for the hay.

THETA price prediction

If you can buy closer to $ 4.8, then in the future at least 2-3IX

Coin 98 (C98)

This is a fairly new, but promising project. I want to try to use their mobile crypto wallet. I think the coin is able to make 3X from the current price.

This is the last coin from my portfolio that I would like to consider. Of course there are others, but I won't talk about them. We have reviewed quite large projects, on average, you can get stable 200-300% for these coins. But you and I wanted something different, right, a little below I will share a more interesting list of coins.

Now I'm going to collect a portfolio of high-risk coins. These are rabid little bastards by nature, they shoot up and down every now and then. And here I am guided by slightly different rules. Money Management comes to our aid. I tell you how I do it.

For example, your entire deposit is $25,000. More than half of this deposit goes, in my case, to bitcoin, about 50% of the total deposit, then ether 20%, other altcoins 20% and another 10% to the futures account. Here's the deal.

With $25,000 on deposit, I would allocate $5,000 to ETH and $5,000 to other altcoins. I would buy no more than 10 pieces.
Which of the colourful fishes I'll buy?

  • Alien Worlds (TLM)
  • TKO
  • Siacoin (SC). I made a lot of X's on this coin in 2017-2018! It is very volatile. So I'll buy it. If you manage to average your positions in the future, it will be good.
  • The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Injective Protocol (INJ)
  • Litentry (LIT)
  • EOS
  • UMA
  • VET
  • DIA
  • REEF

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