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Almost 70% of trading accounted for 6 cryptocurrency

Experts analyzed the auction.

25.Jun.18 9:02 PM
By Jeff Bannister


Almost 70% of trading accounted for 6 cryptocurrency
Almost 69% of the digital assets market is occupied by 6 cryptocurrencies. This was reported by the company Diar, referring to the statistics of data CoinMarketCap for June 18. This is Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. And bitcoin accounts for 33% of trades, and on-air - 12% of trading, Bitcoin Cash was 3%, and Ripple and LTC 2% of the total trading volume. Another 14% of the trading volume was coupled Tether (USDT). All other altcoyns accounted for 31% of the total trading volume.

Researchers noted that most tokens do not have liquidity, and are tied to peak values ​​of bitcoin. And a third of digital coins (542 tokens) during the day, the volume of trading is less than a thousand dollars, and 49.3% of tokens the volume of trades does not exceed ten thousand dollars, another 1,096 tokens, and 67.3% of tokens, it did not exceed one hundred one thousand dollars. Only 15.3% of tokens had a daily volume of trading exceeding one million dollars, and in 6.3% of tokens, this figure was $ 5 million.

Experts have repeatedly come to the conclusion that with time, only a few basic cryptocurrencies will remain on the market. And many experts believe that bitcoin will gradually give way to lighting and ether, and illiquid tokens will disappear.

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