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Almost 30% of Germans want to invest in cryptocurrencies

The Germans are attracted to the opportunity to make money on the "crypt quickly," and anonymously.

29.May.18 9:13 PM
By Norman E. Cardoza


Almost 30% of Germans want to invest in cryptocurrencies
One of the largest banks in Germany, Postbank conducted a survey of its clients about the attitude to earnings on cryptocurrencies.

Almost 30% of respondents said that they would gladly invest traditional money in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, 60% of the women interviewed, and half of the men reported that they are interested in the "crypt" to become independent of the existing financial system.

Most Germans interested in crypto-active people are from 18 to 34 years old. 6% of respondents of this age said that they had already invested in digital currencies, and the experience was quite successful. About 14% of young Germans surveyed are planning to buy a crypt in the coming year.

High incomes in the sphere attract first of all men - 56% of male respondents stated this. Of women, only 36% are chasing after a quick profit.

About 30% of the respondents reported that in the investment in cryptocurrency, they are primarily attracted by the anonymity of the process.

The survey involved 3,100 people.

The Wall Street Journal also reported an increase in interest in cryptocurrencies in Germany. At the same time, German banks are more active than financial institutions of other countries using blockage in their operations. Besides, Germany offered to cancel taxes for purchases for bitcoins.

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