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All the advantages of virtual servers

How do they differ from traditional physical machines?

06.Jun.17 11:57 AM
By Anna Nekrasova
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All the advantages of virtual servers
Recently, Internet technology has become very widespread. The number of users of the World Wide Web is growing every day. There are also more Internet resources. These are various sites, blogs, shops, social networks, services and so on. In this case, each resource for placement on the network needs space. For simple projects, there will be enough virtual hosting. But information portals or online stores need a more serious platform. For this, vps hosting is perfect.

Among vps-servers can be identified high-performance virtual private servers for KVM virtualization with local SSD storage. It is based on advanced hardware. To use such Compute VPS today offers the company "Veesp".

The main advantages of vps-servers are:

the ability, if necessary, to restore the original state of the guest operating system with a single click;

the ability to use another operating system and not to reboot the computer for this;

convenience and significant time savings;

Ability to install any number of virtual machines on one computer.

Currently quite popular and windows vps. This is a ready-to-use virtual server in Windows. They can be controlled directly from the browser using the HTML5 console. Windows VPS will perfectly solve many problems. For example, develop and test software on the Windows platform.

Every year such virtual machines become more popular among users. They have some drawbacks. However, the benefits are much greater. And any shortcomings can be resolved under certain conditions.

On it is possible to rent windows vps only from the licensed Windows OS. The company is the official partner of Microsoft SPLA. It guarantees unlimited traffic and no risks of losing your data. The existing storage system is built on a RAID 10 architecture. It combines fault tolerance and performance.

Also, the company "Veesp" offers to rent hdd-based vps. These are reliable virtual private servers for KVM virtualization with a hard disk on a RAID 10 architecture. These servers provide absolute data integrity and allow you to manage important information about your account and services.

Any virtual server is practically the same as the traditional physical one. The client gets full access to the operating system of such a server with administrator rights. It can install the necessary software and its settings, work with system files, configure access rules and much more.

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