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Alfa Future People organizers initiated an administrative case towards “Saturn” taxi service

“Saturn” taxi service has made their tariffs 11 times higher during the festival of electronic music. There were lots of complaints from clients.

17.Jul.14 9:01 AM
By Darya Zelichenko


Alfa Future People organizers initiated an administrative case towards “Saturn” taxi service
In accordance with Federal Antimonopoly Service in Nizhny Novgorod region there were lots of complaints on taxi drivers who work in “Saturn” taxi the service. The main reason for all those complaints was the fact the prices were extremely high. For example, some clients were forced to pay 7 000 rubles for getting from the Sormov Center to Alfa Future People festival which took place in Bolshoe Kozino. It should me mentioned that the average price for such route does not exceed 600 rubles.

Director of the company Alexey Andryushin gave his explanation of the situation and assured that there were no violations as every order has been taken by the operators in a proper way. High prices were charged by the drivers. At the same time Andryushin added that he has already waned festival organizers about possibility of occurring of such situation.

Organizers of one of the biggest festivals of electronic music in Nizhny Novgorod have initiated an administrative case towards “Saturn” taxi service for establishing monopoly prices.

The meeting will take place on the 17th of July in Federal Antimonopoly Service of Nizhny Novgorod region in order to decide who is responsible for such violations.

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