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Alcohol will be hidden from Consumers

Russian State Duma is sure that cigarettes and alcohol should not be displayed in shops and trading points.

18.Nov.14 11:13 AM
By Abigail Richards


Alcohol will be hidden from Consumers
Team of State Duma Deputies including Lebedev, Nilov and Svonzov are preparing a list of changed in the bill related to producing and selling products which contain alcohol and tobacco. They are sure that consumption of these products may be reduced if they will be hidden from the public. Russia already has such experience with cigarettes.

They were taken away from consumers’ visibility zone. It helped to decrease the number of sails. The same thing is planned to be done with alcohol.

New anti-tobacco law has come into force starting from June 2014. All cigarettes and other products which contain tobacco were taken away from visibility zone of consumers. It helped to reduce the number of smokers and sails. Officials think that such strategy will also be efficient with alcohol.

Nilov said that it is necessary to hide alcohol from consumers. That is why particular changes of the existing law are vital. He also paid attention to the fact that State Duma has once rejected such drastic measures in 2013. However new project will make it possible to implement law changes without any costs.

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