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AIDS is Threatening Russia

There will be up to one million infected y the end of the year.

15.May.15 3:41 PM
By Abigail Richards


AIDS is Threatening Russia
AIDS appeared to be rather serious threat for Russian citizens. Experts predict p to one million infected by the end of 2015. Moreover such number will be twice higher in two years. Such forecasts have been made by Vadim Pokrovsky who is the Head of Federal Scientific and Research Center which deals with curing AIDS.

According to his statement 933 thousands of Russians have been officially diagnosed human immunodeficiency virus. It should be noted that 192 thousand people already died because of the virus. The main problem is in the fact that unlike other countries the number of infected citizens grows rapidly from year to year.

That is why scientists turned to the officials with request to take drastic measures aimed on AIDS prevention. Such measures should include special lessons of sexual behavior in all types of educational establishments. At the same time it is necessary to create special operational network which will deal with helping drug-addict patients.

It should be noted that the whole world is commemorating World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims on the third Sunday of May. Such occasion has been commemorated since 1983. The main idea of the event is to attract as much attention to problem of AIDS as possible. The virus appeared to one of the main global problems with its rapid spreading.

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