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Accounts of BitConnect are blocked by court order

Also, she will have to disclose information to the addresses of crypto-currency purses.

05.Feb.18 12:42 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Accounts of BitConnect are blocked by court order
Investors are trying to get their money back from BitConnect. The fact is that after the crypto money was transferred to the BitConnect coins (BCC), the company informed the depositors about the closing of the exchange. Suspension of the activity of the platform led to the fact that the $ 300 a token instantly fell in price by a factor of fifty.

To understand the situation and return their money investors are counting with the help of the court. After receipt of another statement from the plaintiff who interacted with the company's crypto-currency company, the Kentucky court decided to apply to its accounts the temporary blocking of accounts. reports this.

As explained in court, the freezing of assets will protect investors and prevent fraud from this site. If you do not block accounts, then return the investments of citizens and companies just will not work.

According to the court decision, BitConnect must provide full information about where the digital currencies were transferred within the last three months within ten days, as well as reveal data on exchange accounts and cryptocurrency accounts of users.

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