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A number of drug addicts increases in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Valery Shantsve said that the amount of drug addict people has increased by 8%.

24.Jul.14 11:16 AM
By Daria Zelichenko


A number of drug addicts increases in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
A special board meeting was held at Home Office on the 22th of July 2014. The main aim of this meeting was to announce results of operational activities that were handled by police departments together with Home Office of Nizhny Novgorod region. These results included the first quarter of 2014.

The results have shown that the amount of drug addict people is increasing. It has already increased by 8% in Nizhny Novgorod region. Valery Shantsev noted that police department should pay this fact additional attention. 9 stashes of drug addicts have been revealed during the first half-year of 2014. However this statistics does not reflect real situation. The percentage of drug addicts is much higher.

Consumption of prohibited drugs and substances is becoming higher every year. At the same time new drugs appear. They have stronger and more aggressive effect. The majority of drug addicts are teenagers. They are more prone to such horrible disease.

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