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A new virus has appeared in the network

The virus causes hidden mining.

02.Feb.18 2:56 AM
By Jeff Bannister


A new virus has appeared in the network
Users are threatened with a new virus-extortionist. The WannaMine virus replaced the well-known extortionist WannaCry. Both malware is based on the EternalBlue virus; its feature is an accessible path to infection. On the computer, the virus can get in different ways from the transition through a random link, to remote access to the system. WannaMine does not block data but launches hidden mining, which causes an increased load on the user equipment.

The virus gets access to the computer's login and passwords and launches the Mimikatz algorithm. In a complicated situation, the EternalBlue algorithm comes into play. The virus is especially dangerous for corporate networks, as it can infect all terminals inside them and paralyze the work of the enterprise for an indefinite period.

According to information security specialist CrowdStrike Brian York, the virus has become more dangerous. If earlier hackers used it only for government departments, now it can be found in ordinary cybercriminals. In 2017, the WannaCry virus-infected computers in 150 countries, the total damage from it was estimated at 1 billion US dollars. WannaMine is less aggressive, but more dangerous because it is easier to spread.

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