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A new hit is born

The Black Pharaoh shares his crown with you.

26.Jul.16 12:20 AM
By Swan
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A new hit is born
Just in time, for the official summer, 4 weeks ago, on June 21. 2016. Inusa Dawuda has proudly released a very summery and Radio friendly tune, which can also be enjoyed throughout the year and lifetime, in collaboration with my Italian colleagues Nick Neblo and Manfree. “The Crown” is now an anthem in many vacation spots worldwide.

Wear “The Crown” now.

This positive and high spirit tune „The Crown“ is here to stay and to accompany you through the summer and beyond. Wear the crown right now. Spread the positive news through music at this time of negative daily news on air! Your radio station is waiting for your request.

Have a great summer.

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