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A Man from Izhevsk Was Arrested for Shooting in the Mall

He came to the store to clarify relations with his wife.

29.Jun.15 1:34 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


A Man from Izhevsk Was Arrested for Shooting in the Mall
Criminal case has been initiated towards 43-year old man from Izhevsk. He was accused of shooting in the mall with a traumatic gun. It appeared that his wife also works in that mall.

According to information provided by local Police Department criminal case has already been initiated. A man is accused of hooliganism. Russian legislation considers penalty up to 7 years of imprisonment for such violation.
A drunk man came up at the local mall last Saturday on June 27. It was determined that his wife also works in that store. They were having a struggle and husband decided to clarify their relations. His wife’s colleagues noticed aggressive and drunk man and hid her away from him. After being not able to find his soul mate a man became even angrier and started shooting using traumatic gun which is legally owned.

Then he went outside and continued shooting. Several bullets hit the car which was parked nearby. This is when local guard disarmed the brawler and took it to the police station.

A man did not have any troubles with law earlier. After sobering he found himself the main figure of local criminal chronicles.

The same occasion was determined 4 years ago in Netherlands when 25-year old man started shooting on the parking place next to the mall with a rifle. He made about 100 shots. 6 people were killed and 17 injured in that incident. The criminal committed a suicide.

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