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A Man Convicted for Torturing His Under-Aged Stepson to Death

A boy died because of severe severs beatings.

28.Jul.15 12:36 PM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


A Man Convicted for Torturing His Under-Aged Stepson to Death
Citizen for Saratov, Russia was brought to trial for torturing his under-ages stepson to death. 33-year old man hated hi son so much that he beat him all the time with a belt and seated a boy on a hot battery. He continued torturing his son for several month. But one day he eventually killed a boy after getting drunk. He continued beating him all during many hours. His stepson died the following day because of severe injuries.

Stepfather hid the body of his son in a barn where it was founded after a month from his death. A man was arrested by local police and was accused of cruel behavior and personal injury that eventually led to death. He was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. It is not the first sentence for the citizen of Saratov, Russia.

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