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A London court has ordered Ukraine to pay Russia three billion dollars

The defendant has not found any arguments.

29.Mar.17 10:20 PM
By Catherine Brooke


A London court has ordered Ukraine to pay Russia three billion dollars
On Wednesday evening, March 29, it became known that London's High court ordered Ukraine to pay the Russian Federation three billion dollars, in addition, will have to repay and interest on that amount. The message on it appeared on the website of the Russian Ministry of Finance.

As noted in the press release of the Ministry, the London court rejected the arguments of the Ukrainian side as any arguments that could refute the existence of the debt on Eurobonds and bring the parties into the next phase of the trial the mock trial. Therefore, the High court in London refused further conduct of this case.
Thus, the European court ordered Ukraine to pay three billion U.S. dollars and the interest on Eurobonds in favor of Russia.

We are talking about loan bonds that Russia bought in 2013 on the Irish stock exchange. The maturity was scheduled for December 2015, but the Russian money did not wait. Ukraine asked to restructure the debt on its own terms, however, was refused. In the end, the Russian Ministry of Finance a year ago filed a lawsuit in London's High court. Thus, Ukraine will have to pay three billion and 75 million dollars.

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