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A batch of liquefied gas from the United States arrived in Lithuania

To make fuel from the US occupy a market niche in the EU, money and time are needed.

22.Aug.17 12:28 AM
By Swan


A batch of liquefied gas from the United States arrived in Lithuania
The tanker with the first batch of liquefied natural gas from the US arrived in Klaipeda, the press service of the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy reported. According to Vilnius, this will strengthen not only the energy independence of the republic but also competition in the market in the Baltic region.

The Clean Ocean gas carrier delivered 140 thousand cubic meters of LNG to the seaport of Klaipeda under an agreement signed by the Lithuanian company Lietuvos duju tiekimas and Cheniere Marketing International, a member of the American energy company Cheniere Energy, in June.

From the terminal in Klaipeda, gas will be distributed over gas networks, and part of it will be sent to the Incukalns underground storage facility in Latvia.

"Being an important strategic partner, the USA is becoming a valuable partner in supplying gas to the entire region, which will strengthen not only energy independence but also increase competition among gas suppliers that guarantee the best gas prices for consumers in Lithuania and the whole area," he said. Minister of Energy Zhigimantas Vaiciunas.

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