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90% of millennial mothers plan their purchases before going to the store

A new generation of mothers makes the purchases via their smartphones

18.May.17 5:24 AM
By Kate Brown


90% of millennial mothers plan their purchases before going to the store
25% of mothers of this generation share purchasing decisions with all members of the family unit
Searching for offers and making shopping lists are the main planning mechanisms for Generation Y mothers
1 in 5 millennial mothers plan online, with the smartphone being the main tool for finding information and offers, the leading online portal for geolocalized catalogues and offers, has carried out a study with the objective of understanding the behavior of millennial mothers in the planning of their purchases in May 2015. Born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, the mothers, otherwise known as Generation Y, are beginning to replace their Generation X predecessors as one of the most important demographic groups in the making of purchasing decisions related to the household.

A study by Weber Shandwick argues that, at present, 1 in 5 mothers belongs to the millennial generation. In fact, another IAB report in collaboration with BabyCenter indicates that births involving Generation Y women already account for 80% of the total worldwide, translating into about 100 million births per year. For this reason, it is unsurprising that more and more retailers and brands are striving to understand the behavior of this population group. Not surprisingly, millennial moms continue to have a strong influence on both household purchases and the education of future generations of consumers.

Planning and democratization in the purchasing processes

Since Weber Shandick indicate that 33% of millennial mothers are the principal breadwinners in their households, this maybe one of the reasons that could explain their influence on purchasing decisions. However, Generation Y moms tend to democratize these decisions more than their predecessors. While 77% of traditional mothers are fully responsible for managing the planning and process of family purchases, for millennial moms the percentage drops to 66%. This is because 1 in 4 Generation Y mothers prefer to share responsibility for decision making among the rest of the members of the family unit, compared to 1 in 5 mothers in previous generations.

However, when planning purchases, millennial mothers follow their own mothers' behavioral patterns: 90% plan their purchases in advance, according to data. 1 in 5 of these millennial moms who plan their shopping rely on online planning tools. The most used are the platforms which geolocate catalogues and digital brochures, which are visited by 58% of Generation Y mothers who plan online. The main objective for 66% of them is to save as much as possible on the family shopping list.

The smartphone: essential tool for millennial moms

The data from indicates that 67% of millennial mothers use their smartphone as the main tool during the planning of their purchases. However, use of these mobile devices is not only restricted to the planning stage: they also go with these moms when they shop. The report by IAB and BabyCenter notes that the main operations that millennials mothers carry out with their smartphone in physical stores are searching and downloading discount coupons (62%); comparisons between brands and establishments to find the best prices (51%) and the search for recipes (51%). This last action places the smartphone not only as a planning tool; it also has serves a source of inspiration for Generation Y mothers.

Millennial moms in the supermarket

The supermarket is a setting of great importance for millennial moms. According to the data from, food and drugstore and perfumery are the products for which Generation Y mothers plan most, which indicates that this group focuses its efforts on making savings with purchases from big retailers.

Seventy-five percent of millennial mothers acknowledge that they plan their shopping in supermarkets and hypermarkets in advance. Almost half of Generation Y moms consulted by recognize that they plan with the aim of saving the most they can in their visits to this type of establishment; 41% plan their purchases so as not to forget any of the items they need to buy. That's why 42% of millennial mothers focus their efforts on finding offers and promotions, and 41% do it in the making of shopping lists.

Therefore, as a result of all the data discussed in the previous points we can say that we are facing a new generation of mothers whose purchasing decisions are highly influenced by the searches they make before and during purchases via their smartphones. For this reason, businesses must adapt to this new trend and try to generate the greatest impact in the purchase planning process through online channels.

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