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$83 000 000 will be divided between Russia Regions as High-Tech Medical Care Support

It will make expensive types of medication available for ordinary citizens.

26.Feb.15 2:11 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


$83 000 000 will be divided between Russia Regions as High-Tech Medical Care Support
$83 000 000 will be divided between 61 Russian regions as a part of high-tech medical care support for citizens. It will turn out to be an independent project as it is not included in program of obligatory medical insurance.

“The resolution has already been signed. According to this resolution 61 Russian regions will get additional funds in order to provide citizens with high-tech medical care that is not included in their obligatory medical insurance on free basics in 2015”, - stated in resolution.

At the same time it is also known the above mentioned funds will be provided from the Federal Fund budget which refers to obligatory medical insurance program. At the same time about $335 million will be provided by regional budgets for this purpose.

High-tech medical care support is rather expensive nowadays. This is why such financial cooperation between all Russian regions will make such kind of health care service available to all citizens apart from their level of income.

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