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60%of Utilization Funds will be forwarded to Automakers

All utilization funds will be divided between commercial auto producers and regular automakers. First ones will get 40% of funds while others will receive 60%.

26.Jan.15 5:08 PM
By Nataliya Klyachina


60%of Utilization Funds will be forwarded to Automakers
The government has provided automakers with about $170 000 000 of utilization funds. This made it possible to increase the level of sales on the Russian auto market. 60% of all funds will be forwarded to auto manufacturers. 405 of them will be forwarded to producers of commercial vehicles and cars.

All funds will be divided between auto producing companies in accordance with their shares on the auto market during the previous year. For example, AvtoVAZ is likely to get about $25 000 000. At the same time representatives of Ministry of Industry and Sales asked to provide $170 000 000 more to keep on with utilization program in 2015. These funds will be enough for the first quarter of the current year.

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