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60,000 koalas lost in the fire

The fires destroyed nearly 19 million hectares in the south and east of the Australia

07.Dec.20 1:53 PM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Euronews


60,000 koalas lost in the fire
The nature fires that raged in Australia last summer hit over 60,000 koalas, reports the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in a report on Monday. Images of the devastating fires of nature spread throughout the world and the Australians themselves spoke of a black summer (Black Summer).

The koalas were faced with inhaling harmful fumes, heat stress, dehydration, food shortages and loss of habitat. As a result, they were an easier target for other predators. Unlike birds and kangaroos, koalas move a lot slower, which often prevented them from fleeing the flames in time.

Over 41,000 koalas were hit on Kangaroo Island, an island south of the state of South Australia. In the adjacent state of Victoria, 11 000 koalas were lost due to the forest fires.

In the states of Queensland (900) and New South Wales (8,000), the animals were threatened before the fires of nature, mainly by land reclamation for agriculture and mining, among others. Climate change also has disastrous consequences for the species.

According to the WWF, it is very intense that such a large number of koalas have been affected by the fires. The nature organization has started an initiative to grow the population again. It wants to double the number of koalas in eastern Australia by 2050. For this, it wants to work with landowners to create new habitat for the animals.

In addition to marsupials, according to the WWF, billions of other animals were also affected: about 143 million mammals, 2.46 billion reptiles, 181 million birds and at least 51 million frogs.

The fires destroyed nearly 19 million hectares in the south and east of the country. It was one of the most violent fires the country has seen in recent decades. This was mainly due to drought and heat records in recent years. The consequences were awful: 3,500 homes were destroyed, 34 people died in the flames and 445 people died from smoke inhalation.

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