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5 main Factors will determine Future Oil Destiny in 2015

Such statement has been made by internet agency.

13.Jan.15 12:39 PM
By Dmitry Zaytsev


5 main Factors will determine Future Oil Destiny in 2015 agency is considered to be one of the most reputable internet resources which deal with economic forecast and oil price research. In accordance with this agency oil price will depend on 5 main factors in 2015.

First of all experts of the agency are sure that economic rates of China are among major factors that will influence oil price. This is due to the fact that China is the 2nd biggest consumer of oil after the USA.

Second factor includes offshore development of oil fields in the United States. Increase in mining will lead to decrease in price due to glut in the oil market.

Demand elasticity on oil products is the third main factor. This is not surprising if the price is low, level of demand grows. This automatically leads to deficit and price increase.

Political strategy of OPEC participants is also rather important. It will also determine future oil price on world’s market. Current situation with oil price that we have at the moment was influenced by Saudi Arabia which is one of the main oil suppliers nowadays. Its government decided to decrease the level of oil mining.

The last f actor in accordance with experts is total geopolitical situation in the world. That is why government of oil mining companies must avoid any military conflicts and operations on their territories. Such problems can lead to huge gaps and misbalance on the world stock exchange.

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