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400 North Sea platform workers stopped work for 24 hours

It is the largest strike for the last 28 years.

27.Jul.16 1:55 AM
By Alesya Davydova


400 North Sea platform workers stopped work for 24 hours
North Sea platform workers have launched the largest strike for the last 28 years. As says, they have stopped work for 24 hours. The strikers are employed by Wood Group and operate seven Shell platforms.

The reasons are the coming wage cuts planned by Wood Group as well as the replacement of the two-week work cycle with a three-week one. The employer has already cut wages this February. The company cited the harsh oil price environment, which made cost cuts necessary. Moreover the workers’ fury is caused by a pay raise for Wood Group’s chief executive, who has had a pay increase of 28% to bring him up to £600,000.

One more labor union, the International Transport Workers’ Federation, has backed the industrial action supporting the Wood Group workers. “Perhaps it [Wood Group] will now see the need to reconsider its plans to slash the pay of these offshore workers, restrict their leave and increase their work – all on top of recent harmful redundancies,” said the union’s general secretary Steve Cotton on Friday.

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