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3 Ways You Can Use a Help Desk Software

There are different types of help desk solutions out there and itís important to differentiate them in order to choose the right one for your business.

22.Feb.18 9:25 AM


3 Ways You Can Use a Help Desk Software

No matter the size of your business and the industry youíre in, you need to rely on technology solutions to make it better all-around. However, itís not only a matter of getting a tool and expecting to get results just like that.

Everyone within your organization needs to use the software solution properly in order for it to bring results. The same rule applies for help desk software. There are three ways you can use such a system and depending on what your needs and goals are, you need to recognize the right one for your business.

Basic customer support desk

Customer support desk

A traditional help desk system is designed to provide customers with a ďportalĒ through which they can report issues to their provider. The process is quite simple: someone reports a problem, the business acknowledges it and stars working on repairing.

It gives the customer support staff a good overview of all the issues that have been reported and they have deadlines until which they need to fix them. This kind of design allows employees to prioritize and tackle issues efficiently while making sure that they are always on time.

Reliable service desk

This method gives a single customer view to the customer support department and the management team. Apart from having tickets like support desks, they also include workflows. All departments can improve their workflows and see what others are up to, making them more efficient.

This is a particularly good solution for organizations that need to scale quickly. Everyone can see customer history, send template responses, redirect tickets to the right people, and there is usually a knowledge base accessible to everyone.

As a full-blown CRM platform

CRM platform

Not all help desks can be used this way, as you need a comprehensive CRM system which in fact has a built-in help desk. If you donít know what this is, look here:

Such a solution allows you to take your help desk customer support game to a whole new level. Most customer supports are reactive, meaning that people respond only when customers contact them. With this kind of solution, a business will be able to reach out to customers preemptively.

With it, you can:

- Recognize and get in touch with inactive customers to help them with products, services, or offer them something new.

- View all customer communication in a single location and answer quickly.

- See customers that lack upgrades, updates or subscriptions and offer them new ones.

With this kind of solution, you have a complete overview of your customers and their journeys, allowing you to make moves in advance and improve their experience.

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