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3 Vaccines against Ebola Fever will be tested in Russia

One of them is already in testing process.

09.Dec.14 12:58 PM
By Abigail Richards


3 Vaccines against Ebola Fever will be tested in Russia
Three different vaccines against Ebola fever will be tested in Russia during February 2015. This information has been officially provided by the Minister of Russian Health Care Veronika Skvortsova.

In according with her statement Russian scientists have already discovered 4 types of vaccine which is supposed to treat Ebola fever. One of them is being checked in laboratories. It is still unknown when tests will start. At the same time there is no information if those vaccines are really efficient. Skvortsova said that tastes will be made on animals and plants, not on humans.

Three other vaccines are planned to be examined and checked in February 2015. All works are being made as per schedule. The results are successful in accordance with information provided by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health Care.

The name of already tested vaccine is still unknown.

Note: Ebola fever is a disease which results in Ebola virus. Such disease is very rare. At the same time it can be rather harmful for a human and even lead to death.  The main inflammations of the virus have been spotted in central parts of Western Africa. The possibility of death is 50% in average. It can vary from 25 to 90% in different regions.

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