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13 people were busted during Alfa Future People Russian festival

13 people were extremely active and were taken to the police department during electronic music festival.

16.Jul.14 9:46 AM
By Darya Zelichenko


13 people were busted during Alfa Future People Russian festival
Alfa Future People is one of the biggest electronic music festivals of this summer. It was launched on the 11th of July in Balakhinsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region. Unfortunately, several unpleasant incidents have taken place during this festival. According to information that was provided by representatives of Nizhny Novgorod police department 13 people were arrested. They were accused of different delinquencies which include getting drunk in public places along with illegal sales of alcoholic drinks and taking drugs. All these administrative offenses will be followed by fines; all 13 people will also be put behind the bars for several days in according with law.

More than 700 policemen were in charge of providing all necessary security measures during the festival. This information was available on the official website of Nizhny Novgorod police department. They also used special equipment together with metal detectors.

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