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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

$10 million study is due to be done to improve renewable energy technologies

Scottish government and nine of the biggest wind  farm developers agreed to fund research aiming to curb renewable energy costs.

13.Jul.16 4:32 AM
By Vladimir Vasiliev


$10 million study is due to be done to improve renewable energy technologies
Nobody argue that clear and safe renewable energy is fine, but could be a little bit expensive. The aim that companies like Dong Energy A/S, RWE AG or Iberdrola SA are pursuing is to low costs of production to a competitive level and are ready to invest 6.4 million pounds. Scottish government is going to add 1.5 million pounds. The intention is to down costs below 100 pounds a megawatt/hour  by 2020.

The North Sea is the world’s leading area developing wind energy sector. The main problem is comparatively high prices and UK government now subsidies that kind of energy production.

There is no doubt that technical solutions to reduce costs could be found. That is just the question of time and amount of investments. Former Offshore Acceleration Wind program delivered more than 125 projects which include improving turbine foundation design or energy transmitting.

The lowest price ever planned for the technology - $80.36 off the coast of the Netherlands and that is quite encouraging. At least private companies and Scottish government decided to invest.

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