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Kenes Rakishev Fincraft Group's ratings get an upgrade

S&P acknowledges regional political stability and discipline, assigns higher ratings to Kenes Rakish...

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SpaceX mission with unprofessional crew successfully completed
19.Sep.21 10:41 AM | 58

This form of space tourism will unlikely catch the wind

Kenes Rakishev Fincraft Group's ratings get an upgrade
18.Sep.21 3:37 PM | 83

S&P acknowledges regional political stability and discipline, assigns higher ratings to Kenes Rakishev's main investment company

The Irish Data Protection Commission is worried about Facebook glasses
18.Sep.21 8:30 AM | 50

But DPC has no resources to investigate the issue properly

China prohibits blocking the links to competitor sites
14.Sep.21 10:53 AM | 96

Wild East comes to an end thanks to regulator actions

Developing countries will follow El Salvador example
13.Sep.21 6:36 AM | 92

Bitcoin adoption will begin in less developed countries and conquer the World, Grayscale SEO considers

The price of Kenes Rakishev's Oxus company amounted $150 million as it enters NASDAQ
11.Sep.21 8:35 AM | 195

OXUS SPAC will accumulate green energy companies

SEC isn't as crypto-friendly as many suspected
11.Sep.21 7:19 AM | 101

Authorities are deliberately putting brakes on most important regulations

MasterCard will invest in crypto industry
10.Sep.21 6:07 AM | 100

But not for the reasons you may guess

James Webb space telescope launch scheduled to 18 December
09.Sep.21 6:39 AM | 104

The space telescope may finally reach the orbit

Solidarity march planed for El Salvador
06.Sep.21 11:49 AM | 100

Crowds will buy a little bit of bitcoin - it may result in pump

Perseverance-rover successfully collects first rocks on Mars
03.Sep.21 9:44 AM | 134

It's unclear if the rock sample is in the tube though

China targets critics in the latest oppression campaign
30.Aug.21 10:26 AM | 132

Chinese Communist party silences the critics of preventive measures against stock bubble

IMF criticizes Bitcoin adoption, warns of crypto as a means of payment
30.Aug.21 8:55 AM | 149

All IMF arguments can be boiled down to fear of losing control over world's monetary system fined for 17 million dollar for unfair practices
27.Aug.21 1:04 PM | 129

Russian market regulator imposed fine on booking giant

Reddit moderators call for anti-vaccine movement ban
26.Aug.21 12:34 PM | 159

The Iron Nanny corpo-state will keep us safe

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