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Huawei ushers in 5G

Huawei today presented the first commercial 5G device. With the help of the Balong 5000 chipset, the...

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Apple also renews iMac line of products
20.Mar.19 8:42 PM | 58

Apple has renewed its desktop computers after its iPads. The iMacs received new processors and graphic cards, among other things.

Deripaska sues US for imposed sanctions
17.Mar.19 9:41 AM | 63

Oleg Deripaska has said he has filed a complaint against the US to stop "destroying his life's work."

Google experienced worldwide outage
14.Mar.19 11:13 AM | 69

Gmail, Google Drive and some other Google services were hard to reach worldwide on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

Samsung creates a hype in Bitcoin market
11.Mar.19 9:37 AM | 98

The news that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with a cryptowallet already caused positive feelings among investors.

Youtube force feds Indians with Wiki pages
10.Mar.19 6:25 PM | 90

Wikipedia healing powers exposed by Youtube!

Tinder is evaluated at $10 billion
07.Mar.19 9:52 PM | 182

Less than two years ago, the value of Tinder was estimated at around 3 billion dollars.

New USB standard doubles speed of the USB 3.2
05.Mar.19 9:01 AM | 109

The technology uses USB-C cables and connections and delivers a speed of 40 gigabits per second.

How Dmitry Shuval tries to destroy SGC, a promising blockchain project
04.Mar.19 12:01 PM | 275

Dmitry Shuval chose a cryptocurrency project Sudan Gold Coin as his next victim.

WhatsApp gets its own stablecoin
04.Mar.19 10:13 AM | 126

There is information that WhatsApp will indeed introduce its own cryptocurrency.

Enthusiasts install Android on Nintendo Switch
26.Feb.19 9:10 PM | 144

Programmers Billy Laws and Max Keller have succeeded in installing a working version of the Android Q operating system on a Nintendo Switch game console.

Fitch confirms creditworthiness of Italy
25.Feb.19 8:52 AM | 162

For the time being, Italy holds the BBB rating at Fitch, with a negative outlook.

Pokemon Go lets players change team soon
23.Feb.19 8:18 PM | 230

The team exchange function will be available from 26 February

Bitcoin gets a boost from JPMorgan
20.Feb.19 12:02 PM | 174

The price of the bitcoin is in a clear upward trend.

Bitcoin-hater JPMorgan starts its own crypto
15.Feb.19 10:22 AM | 195

The big Wall Street bank itself starts a crypto coin: JPM Coin.

Wall Street messmerized by job figures and Amazon profits
02.Feb.19 2:40 PM | 318

The stock exchanges in New York opened on Friday on the first trading day of February.

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