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A hunt for unique Soviet cars shows renewed interest to the era
25.Jan.22 2:09 PM | 51

There is more than the great four: Volga, Zhiguli, Gaz or Moskvich

Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova pay respect to the fallen officers, provide financial support to the families
25.Jan.22 10:58 AM | 85

Saby charity foundation assist families of fallen servicemen

DMA and DSA are here to protect digital rights of EU citizens
24.Jan.22 12:52 PM | 67

At least that's how eurocrats see it

Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova allocate one billion to help Kazakhstan
21.Jan.22 12:48 PM | 86

The money will be transferred to Kazakhstan Khalkyna foundation soon

 What can be called a good online casino in 2022?
20.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 123 tells how to choose an online casino

Record scam: 26.4 bitcoin from one investor by impersonating Michael Saylor
17.Jan.22 5:53 PM | 130

I'll double your money: this trick will never get old

US grabs a whooping share of bitcoin hash rate
10.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 97

As China expels miners, US, Russia and Kazakhstan do welcome them

Pandemic gadgets are on the weird side
06.Jan.22 12:19 PM | 96

It has LED and it has speakers!

Kenges Rakishev offers space-grade technology for mere mortal investors
06.Jan.22 9:26 AM | 236

Is StoreDot XFC actually a target of Kenges Rakishev's OXUS Acquisition Co?

BlackBerry sinks its iconic phones, leaves only Android-clones in operation
04.Jan.22 9:38 AM | 138

The legend that becomes a history now

James Webb is finally in the sky
26.Dec.21 10:16 AM | 135

The giant telescope is in the space

A big year for Cardano: what expectations are met
26.Dec.21 9:22 AM | 165

Cardano (ADA) had a spectacular year and even brighter future

Will Germany become a bitcoin country?
20.Dec.21 12:57 PM | 137

It's local and it's expensive to buy and hard to sell now

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds: own an investment, a passion, a history!
16.Dec.21 9:41 PM | 177

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds -- everything you need to know is already there

Kenges Rakishev makes OXUS one of the most awaited SPACs
03.Dec.21 1:10 PM | 253

OXUS SPAC, a Kenges Rakishev company, turns attention of investment community

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