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After a long break NASA launches rocket from Australian ground
27.Jun.22 5:35 AM | 50

The first launch from a commercial launch facility outside the United States for NASA

US airports are at least year late for 5G
20.Jun.22 1:53 PM | 60

Technical difficulties and bureaucracy are preventing telecoms from entering the airports

Google and Apple get under CMA's investigation
13.Jun.22 6:34 AM | 82

Market watchdog UK wants to investigate Apple and Google's abuse of power

Australian judge creates a dangerous precedent by taking side of politician
06.Jun.22 8:58 AM | 81

John Barilaro grabs AUD$715K for being 'traumatised' by Youtube

China to launch next expedition to the orbital station in the next days
30.May.22 9:20 AM | 107

Tiangong should be finished by the end of this year, China will get the fully functional space station

Boeing's Starliner ship successfuly docked to ISS
23.May.22 8:40 AM | 113

It's shame that ISS will be decomissiones soon

Twitter accuses Elon Musk in leaking of sensitive data
16.May.22 6:39 AM | 127

Twitter is full of bots, but how do we calculate their share?

SEC fines NVIDIA for 'not informing properly' investors about mining
09.May.22 9:18 AM | 139

Mining sector skewed the statistics and it wasn't properly addressed by the reports

Russian space agency will work on ISS for another year
02.May.22 7:57 AM | 196

Russians are going out from ISS program, but it will serve another year for sure

Totalitarian democracy: Twitter to decide what's right and wrong
25.Apr.22 6:41 AM | 124

Diversity is welcome until all the opinions are the same

Three taikonauts returned from Tiangong space mission
18.Apr.22 7:14 AM | 192

Explorers spent 183 days in space

NASA will test SpinLaunch concept
11.Apr.22 11:06 AM | 183

The project is innovative, but the engeneering problems are huge

Elon Musk extends April's fool joke to the poll
05.Apr.22 12:03 PM | 149

He asks if Twitter should allow users to edit their posts

EU adopted the harshest and silliest crypto regulation law ever
31.Mar.22 6:56 PM | 221

Once implemented it will kill the European fintech once and for all

The conman of the century needs even more spotlight
28.Mar.22 7:47 AM | 160

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is considering building a 'new social media platform', likely a Twitter clone

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