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Unilever quits Facebook advertisement boycott

It's time to move on, the corporation considers

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How to choose a cryptocurrency wallet and not lose money
15.Jan.21 5:02 PM | 104

An increasing number of people are interested in cryptocurrency, and in light of this, cryptocurrency wallets are becoming more and more popular

Kenes Rakishev and his new investmernt project: nickel and cobalt mines
15.Jan.21 1:52 PM | 71

Kenes Rakishev is investing in nickel and cobalt mines

Xiaomi gets sanctioned for ridiculous reasons
15.Jan.21 9:15 AM | 82

Outgoing Trump administration set traps for the incoming one

Crypto markets entered a correction phase
11.Jan.21 8:39 AM | 130

Bitcoin gone from 42 to 33 thousand dollars in several days

Samsung feels the mounting pressure from increasingly competitive market
08.Jan.21 1:55 PM | 165

New and old Chinese brands are competing with Samsung

BTC rate jumps over 34000
03.Jan.21 10:06 AM | 349

It is virtually unstoppable

Huawei  and Tencent are friends again
01.Jan.21 4:16 PM | 306

Huawei restored Tencent products in the app store

The father wants to be a Frenchman
31.Dec.20 2:12 PM | 182

Johnson Sr. wants to be continental

Kenes Rskishev, Aselle Tasmagambetova and Saby Foundation: the totals of 2020
31.Dec.20 11:52 AM | 201

Saby fund published the 2020 report

Linux ported to ancient Nintendo 64
29.Dec.20 12:03 PM | 160

It works! Linus is ported to Nintendo 64

 Caspian sea level may drop 9-18 meters
22.Dec.20 12:36 PM | 296

Caspian sea may follow the fate of Aral

Kenes Rakishev stands his ground, adds 300 million to the assets
21.Dec.20 11:57 AM | 390

Kenes Rakishev stands firm in the pandemic year

Unilever quits Facebook advertisement boycott
18.Dec.20 10:56 AM | 526

It's time to move on, the corporation considers

Biden takes penultimate obstacle to the White House
14.Dec.20 10:15 AM | 255

There is no viable options to prevent Biden from presidency

Cryptocurrency: Proper Storage and Use
14.Dec.20 10:03 AM | 539

How to own and use cryptocurrency

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